Add ambiance to your entertaining area whilst protecting your guests from mosquitoes, with Mortein Outdoor's Tea Light Candles. These Tea Light Candles contain citronella essential oil, a natural and effective mosquito repellent, and have a 4 hour burn time per candle.

These Tea Light Candles are the easy way to repel mosquitoes when entertaining outdoors. They add ambience to your entertaining area whilst protecting your guests from pesky mosquito bites to ensure that your outdoor party runs smoothly.

Fragranced with natural citronella, these tea light candles provide effective control as citronella is a proven natural mosquito repellent. Mortein Outdoor's Tea Light Candles create a 25m2 zone of protection against mosquitoes, with each candle providing 4 hours of burn time. These can be used with tea light lanterns and candle holders.

1. Remove candle from packaging
2. Place candle on a level heat resistant surface away from draughts and light
3. Allow the product to take effect by lighting it at least 15 minutes before using the area
4. To extinguish candle blow gently on flame

Use in outdoor areas with minimal breeze such as courtyards, decks and patios. For outdoor use only.