The Mortein Mice Kill Concealed Bait Station comes ready to use with a bait block already loaded‒ no need to touch the bait. The mouse bait station houses the bait in a box designed for mice to enter the station, eat the bait and leave before dying. It also contains a bittering agent to deter children from eating accidently.

Concealed and secured for protection. The secured covered bait helps protect children and pets from contact, especially in high traffic areas of the home i.e living room.

Easy to use bait station is already baited, so no need to handle bait. This is an effective solution; the bait block contains Brodifacoum, a proven rodenticide active that professionals use, and controls mice resistant to other anticoagulants. This is also child resistant, allowing mice to get the bait but kids can’t. This is a reusable station with a clear window to show how much bait is left; replace eaten bait with Mortein Bait Station Refills.

1. Select Treatment area: Determine areas where mice will most likely find and consume the bait. Generally, these are along walls, in corners and concealed places or any other locations where mice have been observed.
2. Remove the bait station from the carton.
3. Placement: Place along walls or in corners with the entrance hole exposed, out of reach of children and pets. Place multiple bait stations no more than 3m intervals apart in locations where there is an infested area. Record the number and location of bait stations for the purpose of replenishment and later removal.
4. Maintenance: Mice will continue to eat from the bait after a lethal dose has been eaten, Continue baiting for at least 2 weeks or until signs of mouse activity has ceased. Inspect bait stations daily. Replace bait when needed or if they have been eaten quickly increase number of bait stations. Continue observation and refill bait station until no more bait has been taken. Most mice will die 4 to 7 days after eating the bait. To discourage reinfestation, eliminate sources of rodent food, water and harbourage as much as possible. If reinfestation does occur, repeat treatment.
Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Read safety directions before opening or using. Do not place baits or bait stations in the open. Keep away from food and water and surfaces which come in contact with food and water. Protection of livestock, wildlife, fish, crustacea and others: The bait is hazardous to pigs, cats, dogs, poultry, birds and wildlife and care should be exercised in its use. Place bait in locations inaccessible to children, other animals or birds.

All weather use‒ bait blocks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.