Kill & Protect Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray

Protect your home from insects for up to 6 months with the new Mortein Kill & Protect Barrier Surface Spray. Get proactive about bug control and strike before creepy-crawlies even reach the threshold of your home. This potent water-based, non-stain outdoor insecticide protects your house from crawling insects before they can muscle their way inside.


Protect your home from ants for up to 2 months with the new Mortein Kill & Protect Ant Sand. Avoid an unwelcome ant infestation by strengthening your home’s external defences with odourless ant sand.Simply dispense directly from the pack and sprinkle evenly over the area to be treated. Sweep into gaps, cracks and crevices for maximum effectiveness. If you’ve sussed out where ant nests or trails are, sprinkle directly on and around them. Reapply every two months and use with Mortein Nest Kill Ant Baits inside to optimise your ant-rid solution.

Powergard Professional Outdoor Indoor Surface Spray

Protect your home from roaches with the new Mortein Kill & Protect DIY Professional Surface Spray. Its unique formula creates a barrier to stop infestations outside the home for up to 3 months and inside for 6 months using the same technology as professionals.

Kill & Protect Control Bombs

Protect your home from insects for up to 3 months with the new Mortein Kill & Protect Control Bombs. This complete do-it-yourself solution to home pest control releases a fine mist that kills more than seven of the most common pests and breaks the breeding cycle of fleas. The dual-active formula takes bug control to a new level.

Kill & Protect Baits

Protect your home from roaches for up to 3 months with the new Mortein Kill & Protect Cockroach Baits. Cockroach baits are an effective and simple way to protect your family from these unwanted visitors. They’re an active measure once a cockroach has entered your home. Consider putting the baits out in time for summer, cockroaches’ favourite season. For maximum protection, use the baits in conjunction with Mortein Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray to kill any cockroach that dares to set a skinny leg over your threshold.


Protect your home from ants for up to 1 month with the new Mortein Kill & Protect Ant Baits. After spotting an ant trail, hit the ant nest where it hurts with easy-to-use, mess-free ant control baits. Featuring two different attractant sections — sugar and protein — the baits enable you to control a variety of brown and black ants.

Naturgard Flying Insect Killer Eucalyptus

NATIONAL PARKS EDITION Inspired by Eucalyptus trees from the Blue Mountains National Park; this subtle, sweet-smelling eucalyptus spray is ideal for shooting down flies, mosquitoes and other flying pests that invade your home. With more than 90 per cent natural ingredients and 0.2 per cent trusted synthetic actives, it will take care of business and leave your home smelling like the fresh air of the Blue Mountains.

Powergard Flea & Crawling Insect Control Bomb

NATIONAL PARKS EDITION The ultimate solution to residential pest control. Inspired by the crisp air of Mount Kosciuszko National Park, these odourless control bombs kill multiple insect types and break the cockroach breeding cycle.


Helps make your outdoor get-together a bite-free zone with up to 8 hours of protection from a Mortein Mosquito Coil.


Add ambiance to your entertaining area whilst protecting your guests from mosquitoes, with Mortein Outdoor's Tea Light Candles. These Tea Light Candles contain citronella essential oil, a natural and effective mosquito repellent, and have a 4 hour burn time per candle.


Make sure there’s no mosquito trouble ahead, just music and moonlight, love and romance with this mosquito repellent candle, which contains natural citronella.


This multi-functional insect killer stops insects with a single blast. It's designed to knock down crawling and flying insects inside your home fast, leaving your home protected from unwelcome guests.

Fast Knockdown Low Allergenic

Kill flies and mosquitoes inside your home fast with this clinically tested, low-allergenic, low-odour spray developed for people with asthma and other common allergies.